My child remembers what he sees, can't he be taught this way?
Animated Language Learning are world leaders in visual learning! Find out more
Our thanks to Sharon, Pat and the whole team at TV3 Find out more
My child loves movies and now can learn language from them
At ALL, we connect movies to language! Find out more
Information Day
Irish Autism Action hosted an Information Day on Animated Language Learning. Here Barbara speaks about her experiences with the ALL program. Find out more
My child is a visual learner
He is capable of much more than this Find out more
My child is visually intelligent
But his iPad apps are not challenging him Find out more
Your visual child could communicate
All she needs is encouragement Find out more
Irish Autism Action and Animated Language Learning Collaborate!
By recycling old phones you can obtain an ALL Educational pack! Find out more
SWAPKIT technology to drive ALL research globally!
SWAPKIT, a global technology recycling and connectivity corporation is collaborating with Animated Language learning! Find out more

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